Soon after comes Polylang 1.0.1

Before a programmer releases a new version with new features, he checks his code several times, makes plenty of tests, releases a few development versions hoping that some volunteers will try them and catch major bugs… And then it comes a time when he sees nothing more. He knows that his program is no bug free. But he hopes that there won’t be a big bug that will annoy too much users… It’s time to release the code! He does it and then he waits anxiously for any bad feedback.

So the version 1.0 was out only four days ago and… Boom ! Two big bugs and a lot of users coming on the support forum to report it. The bugs were easy to correct and that was done almost as soon as they were reported. I waited three days more, to see if there was any other major bug coming. And finally decided to make a maintenance release this evening (with the brand new Swedish translation received only a few hours ago).

Part of the rainy week-end was also used to update the documentation which hopefully will make users more comfortable with new features of Polylang.


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