You can start to test Polylang 1.1

The most visible features which come with this new version concern the strings translations which can now be grouped (and filtered by this group) and the completely new interface for the multilingual menus management which is now totally integrated in WordPress interface for menus. Thus, the language switcher is now a menu item that you can add anywhere in your menus. This version should also improve the compatibility with themes which hardcode the their menu names.

There are also some changes under the hood, mainly to improve the compatibility with themes or other plugins:

  • When adding the language to all urls, the language is now defined in the hook plugins_loaded, with priority 1 instead of the hook setup_theme.
  • When querying posts and terms, ids are now automatically translated.
  • Posts or terms created from frontend are now assigned the current language (instead of no language in prior versions)

My goal is to release this version before WordPress 3.6 final release which is currently planned for the end of the month. So don’t hesitate to download the current development version (1.1dev10), test it (on test sites only, as usual) and report bugs in the forum. I am also very interested in tests done together with beta versions of WordPress 3.6 and Twenty thirteen.