Polylang 1.1.2

Polylang 1.1.2 is a maintenance release which focuses on compatibility improvement with some plugins (Types, The Events Calendar and again… WordPress SEO). I also made some changes to improve the performance and the html validation (though still not perfect).

There are also some slight improvements for users creating (hierarchical) posts and terms outside the standard admin interface.

A new argument ‘raw’ was added to the function pll_the_languages to ease the work of people who want to build their own language switcher. I also added a new filter pll_translation_url to allow plugins to modify the translation url. And as usual, a few bugs were corrected.


8 thoughts on “Polylang 1.1.2

    1. Frédéric Post author

      Bonjour Ben,

      Je crois que ma réponse est un peu tardive… Merci pour ton retour positif. Je n’ai pas prévu de faire cela pour le moment. Peut être parce que j’ignore ce que github pourrait m’apporter de plus que le dépôt officiel de WordPress.


  1. Nik

    Thank you for you plugin!

    Plugin Polylang conflicts with the plugin Geo Mashup. I do not understand why this is happening but global map is not working if Polylang is active.

    1. Frédéric Post author

      I noticed a javascript error in Geo Mashup when used with Polylang. It’s probably the reason for the maps not working. I also noticed at least 2 other issues for Geo Mashup to work correctly in a multilingual context. If the author is interested in supporting Polylang, then I will help him.

      1. Nik

        Thank you!
        5 minutes ago I made decision of this problem. I added changes in geo mushup file.

  2. David

    Great job with that plugin.

    Where is source of pll_the_languages() function? Or where is the code outputting content of that function?


    1. Frédéric Post author

      pll_the_languages() is defined in include/api.php. This is however just a helper function. It uses Polylang_Core::the_languages() defined in include/core.php up to v1.1.6 or PLL_Switcher::the_languages() defined in include/switcher.php starting from v1.2. If you want to dive into source code that you did not write, grep is just great!

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