Polylang 1.1.3

A rather anoying bug has been reported. All connections lost, just because this user attempted to give the name of a language to a nav menu.

To understand this, one must know that in Polylang, languages are taxonomy terms, just as nav menus are. And WordPress does share terms accross taxonomies when possible. This is the case if you create a nav menu with the same name as another taxonomy term (ex category, post tag or language). This, combined with a WordPress bug which modifies the slug of the term each time the nav menu is saved (see #24802), explains why the language slug was modified.

Since the links between translated posts (or terms) does use the languages slugs, all the translations were broken at the same time. Note that, in fact, you can change the language slug without loosing translations but only when it is done from the Polylang languages panel. In that case and only in that case, Polylang updates all translations to take the new slug into account. I did not forecasted that this could be changed programmatically…

So the main goal of this new version is to avoid this happening again before WordPress is modified (or in case it will not). Starting from now, you will not be able to create a new nav menu with the same name as a language. Instead, Polylang will automatically append ‘-menu’ to you nav menu name if you attempt to do this. Well, in fact, once created, you will be able to rename the menu without damage.

This new version also comes with a new Venetian translation, contributed by Michele Brunelli. Some other minor bugs have been corrected too.