Polylang and Knews Multilingual Newsletters

The first version of Polylang was released two years ago. A lot of features have been added since that initial release. But Polylang is even more useful when it interacts cleanly with themes and other plugins.

So I am glad to announce that the Knews Multilingual Newsletters plugin which has been originally built to support WPML and qtranslate now supports Polylang too.

  • Knews automatically detects the languages from Polylang.
  • All the messages that Knews uses to interact with the web visitor can be easily translated in all the the website languages. See K-news -> configuration -> Customised messages.
  • Knews allows you to assign languages to the mailing lists.
  • When users subscribe, they are automatically assigned the language in which they navigate, so all future communication with them are made in their own language.

So if you need to create newsletters for your multilingual website, certainly both Polylang and Knews Multilingual Newsletters are for you.