Polylang 1.2 is out

So what’s new?

Some major features:

  • It is now possible to use one different subdomain or one different domain per language (of course the server must be correctly configured to make this happen).
  • It it now possible to export and import your website using the WordPress export tool and the plugin WordPress Importer. All languages, translations and strings translations are now exported and imported (the export must have been done with Polylang 1.2 or later).

A new translation:

  • Thanks to Anas Sulaiman who translates the admin interface of Polylang in Arabic. Polylang is now available in 30 languages!

Some improvement:

  • It seemed that the menu added by Polylang in the admin bar (which allows to filter content by language on admin side) was not visible enough. So it was redesigned and hopefully users will find it more easily.

A dozen of other small changes were made to ease users life.

Under the hood, almost everything has changed. The reasons for these changes were explained in a previous post. To summarize, the way Polylang stores its data in database was changed to allow the WordPress export/import and the program structure was changed to ease the development of new features. I would like to thank all users who actively tested the beta versions during the past 6 weeks: miguelcortereal, LittleBigThing, Anas Sulaiman, ReactorShop and zebrastribe. That was really great help to fix major bugs before the release.

Don’t forget to make a database backup before upgrading.