Polylang 1.3

We are very close to the release of WordPress 3.8 which will come with a new (responsive) admin interface. Polylang 1.3 aims to nicely fit in this new interface. It comes with new font icons from Icomoon and the UI should look nice in all screen sizes.

The “Detect browser language” option used to control only the first visit. It now does also control returning visits. Example: your site has English as default language with hiddent language code, and French as second language. If you uncheck the “Detect browser language” a visitor who last browsed your site in French and come back at yoursite.com won’t be redirected at yoursite.com/fr anymore, as it was the case in previous versions.

Under the hood, this version comes with some slight performance optimization (needs WP 3.5+) and improves the API function ‘pll_home_url’ which can now take the language in argument and be called on admin side. Several bugs have been fixed.

Thank you to all translators who took the time to update the translations of the admin interface!


2 thoughts on “Polylang 1.3

  1. DY

    Using Polylang v1.3.1 with WordPress v3.8. Conflicts with the Twitter Tools plugin (v3.0.4). Had trouble importing tweets until I disabled Polylang then I was able to import the tweets fine.

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