Polylang 1.4

The most visible changes coming with this new release are :

  • the brand new Traditional Chinese translation thanks to 香腸
  • the refreshed user interface for managing translations: you now choose translations in a dropdown list instead of looking for post id!
  • a better compatibility with the featured tag in Twenty Fourteen (you will have to translate it to benefit all the features).
  • a better compatibility with themes and plugins using ajax on frontend

Polylang also now checks if there are any translated category, post tags and post format archives before displaying the translation url to avoid broken links.

For programmers, it’s worth to notice that the function ‘get_pages’ is now filtered (I finally found a solution with acceptable performances…) and the filters ‘pll_get_post_types’ and ‘pll_get_taxonomies’ are now called very soon in the process, before the action ‘after_setup_theme’ is fired.

It’s also important to notice that WordPress 3.5 is now required (instead of WordPress 3.1 in previous versions). For the future, I plan to remove support of WordPress versions older than one year. This helps to maintain the code cleaner.

I hope you will enjoy this new version Polylang!

7 thoughts on “Polylang 1.4

  1. Krisztina Tóthné Kocsis

    Thank you for Polylang 1.4!
    I have a tiny problem, hope you can help me. I’ve just updated to Polylang 1.4 version. Everything is great except one point. My facebook buttons turned into German, though they were set to Hungarian (standard language). What might be the problem and what is the solution? Thank you in advance!

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  3. Cristian Bodogai

    Hi! After upgrading to Polylang 1.4, home page (latest posts) is not translated. When I switch from default language to second language on Homepage I got this message: Sorry Nothing Found.

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