Polylang 1.4.1

Polylang 1.4.1 has been released today. It comes with a new translation (Czech thanks to Přemysl Karbula).

It’s a maintenance release and does not include any new feature but several bugs are corrected. Among them, I hope that an annoying error 502 bad gateway experienced by some users hosted at wpengine.com is now solved. Also, the compatibility with the Twenty Fourteen Ephemera widget has been improved.

EDIT 2014/02/24: the error 502 bad gateway is not solved yet and we are still working on it.


3 thoughts on “Polylang 1.4.1

  1. Daniel

    Just upgraded to 1.4.1 and my WP crashed due to error about “pll_register_string” not being a defined function. If i remove function from my functions.php file, site loads fine – uncomment the function and site breaks.

    Seems like a bug with latest release…

      1. Frédéric Post author

        Your problem will occur at every upgrade because a plugin is de-activated while it is updated. You must test that Polylang is active before using its functions. For example:

        if ( function_exists('pll_register_string') ) {

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