Polylang 1.4.2

Some users experienced a 404 error on categories archives due to a bug introduced in v1.4.1. This release should fix the issue.

With v1.4.x, a few users run out of memory when trying to create or edit a new post, while everything was OK with v1.3.x. This concerns websites having 10000+ untranslated posts and this is due to the list of untranslated posts which is now available in the Languages metabox. The current release comes with a quick fix which should hopefully improve the situation for the memory.

However I still have to work on a better solution to handle untranslated posts in such cases. This will come in a later (major) version.


4 thoughts on “Polylang 1.4.2

  1. Alex Filatov

    thank you for the great work! like it very much.
    Have a question – when I open translated page all previous and next links are disappeared. i’m using get_previous_post() and get_next_post() default functions. What could be a problem?
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Icaro Perseo

    Can I use polylang to edit posts or to moderate comments (not only primary but also secondary language languages) from wordpress for android or from any desktop client for wordpress? If this is not possible, do you know any way to do it?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Frédéric Post author

      I don’t use wordpress for android so I can’t be sure. But with Polylang, posts in secondary languages are standard posts. So it should be possible.

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