Polylang 1.4.5

Sometimes you fix a bug and by doing this, you create 3 others without noticing it. This is more or less what happened with Polylang 1.4.4. These bugs (which lead to unexpected redirections in some cases) were quickly fixed in the development version as soon as they were reported. And hopefully Polylang 1.4.5 will be more stable than the previous version. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Polylang 1.4.5 also fixes a bug appeared with WordPress 3.9 (uploaded media don’t get a language) that I did not notice while doing my tests with beta versions of WordPress.

I added compatibility with the Twenty Fourteen Ephemera widget which has been modified in the version shipped with WordPress 3.9. Please make sure to have the latest Twenty Fourteen translations. If you get untranslated strings in this widget on frontend,  check the theme translations with a plugin like Codestyling localization. The next major version will drop the compatibility with the Twenty Fourteen Ephemera widget shipped with WordPress 3.8.

Finally, I also fixed a notice displayed by WordPress SEO when Polylang is combined with WordPress SEO 1.5+. It’s likely that starting from the next major version, I will support only WordPress SEO 1.5+.


7 thoughts on “Polylang 1.4.5

    1. Frédéric Post author

      There is no issue to use Armenian with Polylang. You just have to enter the name, code and locale yourself (instead of getting it from the dropdown menu). Then if you want to display a flag on frontend, just add hy.png in the directory wp-content/polylang (you have to create it). That’s all.

      1. Aram Palyan

        Yes i know that there is no issue for adding the Armenian, but when I update the Polylang then the Armenian flag disappears. Also there is a problem when i try to use “WPML to Polylang” plugin with an Armenian site. I can import the English part of the site, but not the Armenian. And i get “Fatal error”

      2. Frédéric Post author

        Please read carefully my answer above: create a directory ‘polylang’ in your ‘wp-content’ directory and put your flag in it. It will not be deleted at next update. For WPML to Polylang, please create a new topic on the support forum.

      3. Aram Palyan

        Excuse me Frederic for inattentiveness
        I put the flag here /wp-content/plugins/polylang/flags/ so it was deleted . Now i see the correct way. Thank You

  1. Marrie

    When Polylang is active, the search returns 404. I’m using my own theme.
    Works fine after I deactivate the plugin.

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