Polylang 1.5 beta

Polylang 1.4 introduced a new metabox with a dropdown list to show available posts (instead of post ids) to choose translations. I believe that this change was quite welcome as it was easier to use and I guess users having not too much untranslated posts are happy with it.

This however introduced a major issue for big websites. The metabox does not scale for a site having ten of thousands posts. And for these sites, it is just impossible to use Polylang 1.4.x. Even if such big websites are probably rare , I cannot let them stuck to Polylang 1.3.1.

I thus decided to rework the metabox again and replace the dropdown list (currently displaying *all* available posts) by an autocomplete input field (just like the one you are already familiar with to get post tags). The same kind of autocomplete input field replaces the old dropdown list to choose translations of categories and post tags.

This version also comes will less visible improvements such as better error management on Polylang admin pages and better compatibility with object cache plugins.

Download Polylang 1.5 beta


6 thoughts on “Polylang 1.5 beta

  1. Paul


    I would like to request another feature. I need the “Strings translation” tab to be available for non-admin users. I looked for a hook but could not find one. I would like to suggest you add a settings option that lets you specify the capability that users must have to access this tab.

    E.g. (use case scenario):

    The developer and admin of the site is not multilingual. They have created a custom restricted admin role for the client that only gives them the capabilities they need to manage the site, change theme options, etc. The client is multilingual and will handle string translations, but they should not be able to change the Polylang settings.

    1. Frédéric Post author

      Hi Paul!

      I understand the need and it’s something I was already thinking to. So it’s on my todo list. Probably not for this version as I have to think first about the best way to manage this.

  2. Yiorgos

    suggestion based on user feedback: Users get discouraged when first starting to use the plugin and see a big part of their blog disappear when switching languages due to non-translated items.
    So here’s a suggestion:
    When a secondary language is selected display content in primary language if no corresponding translation exists.
    For posts & pages: display primary language item possibly with a note that this item has not been translated yet.
    For archive pages: show archive as normally. Include translated items. Also include non-translated items in primary language.

    If it’s too much work, maybe if you could provide a code snippet how to change the query I could implement it on my theme pages myself…


  3. ElectricFeet

    Hi Fédéric,

    I just started using the development version and confess that I thought the dropdown box was broken when I saw the latest metabox.

    Previously I had only seen the dropdown, which I liked (I have a small site). I fully understand why you changed it, because I realise that a dropdown doesn’t scale.

    The problem is, if you don’t remember the name of the page, you’re completely lost and have to go back to the page list to see the name of the page you’re looking for.

    Is it possible to make it a combo box? So that you get the dropdown, AND the possibilities are limited by what you type?

    If that isn’t possible, could I suggest that you add a magnifying-glass search icon? The metabox is effectively a search of existing pages/posts so it would help users orient themselves.

    What do you think?

  4. ElectricFeet

    p.s. Is the list supposed to be restricted as you type? If so, for me this isn’t happening. Which means it’s no better than the dropdown was…

    1. Frédéric Post author


      Thank you for your tests and your feedback. I am a bit annoyed because my inspiration source was the tags metabox. No dropdown and no magnifying glass here. Thus, I expected that users would be used to such input field (which is also common on search engines). I am not sure I should add a magnifying glass icon which would reduce an already small input field…

      Yes, the list restricts as you type (I just tested again), but I use the WordPress search feature to get the posts, so what you enter may be found in the post content and not only in the post title. You get the (max 10) most relevant posts matching your search.

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