Updates in the development of Polylang 1.5

My initial plans were to release Polylang 1.5 today. However, I made quite a lot of changes (code cleaning and several bugfixes) in the past days, and thus prefer to have more testing time and delay the release by a few days.

Compared to the initial beta release, Icomoon icons have been replaced by dashicons (for WordPress 3.8 and later) for better user interface consistency. As it would have been code consuming to maintain the compatibility with both Twenty Fourteen 1.0 and 1.1, I decided to support only the latest.

Download the latest Polylang development version


6 thoughts on “Updates in the development of Polylang 1.5

  1. Elke

    I just upgraded polylang for my WordPress site and now the links between my English and Dutch pages are lost. Do you have a solution?

      1. elke

        It’s not that I cannot restore, but I would like to install a new version. There must be a good reason for you to have a new version :>

      2. Elke

        In my backup folder I see in the readme.txt Requires at least: 3.1
        Tested up to: 3.4.2
        Stable tag: 0.9.1
        Does that say anything about the version?
        Now I use version: 1.4.5
        I downloaded it day before yesterday. Should I try the beta version?

      3. Frédéric Post author

        No. Beta versions are for tests only and not intended for production sites. But it was hard for me to follow you as this post is about the development of version 1.5, so I was thinking you were testing it. The support forum is a much better way to get support.

        It is possible that the upgrade procedure was broken by your theme or a plugin. A few users experienced that when upgrading to v1.2. Try this: Revert to the old version. De-activate all your plugins and switch to Twenty Twelve. Upgrade Polylang. Activate Polylang. Check everything is OK. Activate your theme and all other plugins.

        For further support, please use the forum

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