Polylang 1.5 is out!

After a beta period longer than forecasted, I am glad to announce the release of Polylang 1.5. This new version introduces (again) a new languages metabox. In fact the previous one introduced with Polylang 1.4 did not scale well for sites with a lot of posts. So it has been completely rewritten to avoid this regression.

post-translationThis new metabox does not contain anymore dropdown lists to select the translations. This has been replaced by an autocomplete input field. It works pretty much the same way the input field in tags metabox does.

So… to select a post, you now have to type some text in the inpult field. Polylang will choose the 10 most relevant posts available in this language. The relevance is evaluated on both the post title and the post content. The search starts as soon as you start typing. There is no need for a minimal number of characters. And if for some reason, you need to remove a translation, you just have to empty the input text field.

For consistency, searching categories and post tags translations is now done with an autocomplete input field too.

This version comes with other improvements such as support for object cache for recent posts and recent comments widgets, support for the quick draft introduced in WP 3.8. For those using private posts, the language switcher will now check if the post is readable before displaying the link.

I am very glad to announce that a new translation is also available, Ukrainian which has been contributed by http://getvoip.com. Polylang is now translatet in 35 languages!

Developpers will find new API functions, avoiding them using Polylang internal functions. The documentation is already available.

Finally, some bugs have been fixed. Among these bugs are some security issues, so I recommend you not to stay long with older versions. I hope that you will enjoy this new version.

Download Polylang 1.5


2 thoughts on “Polylang 1.5 is out!

  1. Denny

    Hi there, you have crafted a nice piece of plugin that allowed me to implement multi-language behavior with wordpress that other plugins are not able to provide.

    I have some suggestions for little GUI improvements and some question of the internal plugin behavior and also some bugs ( i think edge cases ). How can I can get in Contact with you because i’d like to support you with solving these?

    Best regards Denny

    1. Frédéric Post author


      The support forum is a good place for suggestions, bug reports and any other questions. You can also check the development version which fixes some bugs (Polylang 1.5.1 should be released quite soon). If you want to contribute code, you can use the contact form, but I will not answer to any support request by e-mail.

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