Polylang 1.5.2

It’s not rare that a major versions introduces some bugs. so, Polylang 1.5.1, released last week, aimed to fix problems with date archives links, posts bulk edit and some bad redirection for sites having /language/ in their permalinks which were introduced in Polylang 1.5. Also, several older bugs, including some issue with the nav menus in customizer, were fixed. I also attempted to support the function ‘switch_to_blog’ used in multisite.

I would have waited several weeks to publish a new maintenance release, but some hours ago, Gregory Viguier reported a security issue and I believe that it was worth to quickly release a new version to fix it.

Also WPML to Polylang 0.1.4 was released in the same time as the links created between translations were removed after the first post update. It worth to notice that user feedback is very important to get this plugin better as I personally don’t use it. So far, at least one user reported a successful migration from WPML 3.1.5!


5 thoughts on “Polylang 1.5.2

  1. RavanH

    Yet again: fantasticly supported and responsibly maintained high value plugin. Much appreciated security release!

    I also attempted to support the function ‘switch_to_blog’ used in multisite.

    Has it been tested? In which use cases does this come into play exactly? Let me know if I can do some tests 🙂

  2. George D.

    I am using polylang on this website: http://www.cristinamarianart.com/ with two languages: english and romanian.
    After the last update of polylang I have the following problem.
    In the default language (english) the homepage looks OK (http://www.cristinamarianart.com/en/).
    If I access the second language (romanian, direct or clicking on the “flag”) the home page doesn’t load the styles (or at least It looks like that http://www.cristinamarianart.com/ro/)
    and in the compiled source the body have no class. In the english page the class is “home page page-id-13 page-template page-template-home-php”
    Before the update everything was OK.
    The problem appears just in the romanian Homepage.
    What do you think can cause this problem?

    Thank you in advance,

  3. Adinal

    Polylang is a great plugin! I find it very very useful. I want to contribute so the Albanian (sq) language is also added. I have my Website http://www.royalpalace-gv.tk already in albanian, I need to make it on English and Macedonian. Tell me please how can I contribute in adding the new language?

    Kindest Regards,

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