Polylang 1.6 beta

For a long time now, Polylang attempts to download the WordPress translations files when a new language is added. That should work pretty well for all translations available on the WordPress svn repository. However, the update management was far from being perfect. It fired only just after a WordPress update and so could not work if the new translations files were not available at that time.

Also, now that the WordPress translations are managed on http://translate.wordpress.org/, less translators update their translations on the svn repository and thus, Polylang cannot find translations to download.

Fortunately, WordPress 4.0 introduced a new way to install and update translation files, called language packs. The main goal of Polylang 1.6 will be to take profit of this new WordPress feature to manage multiple language packs. Thus the translation files will be updated in a much clever way and will work for all language packs managed by the WordPress team.

Polylang 1.6 also introduces a few other features such as the possibility to translate a text widget in the strings translations panel (up to now you needed to use one widget per language), the support of opengraph language and translations metadata for websites running Jetpack or WordPress SEO.

As usual, I need you to test this new version, so don’t hesitate to download Polylang 1.6 beta1, test it and report bugs in the support forum.


2 thoughts on “Polylang 1.6 beta

  1. Sofian

    Hello, i am new to your plugin, i switched to yours from WPML just 2 weeks ago, and i must say, i like yours much more. WPML is so chaotic. While testing Polylang out (the newest version but not 1.6beta, i just post here because i want to suggest some improvements to be implemented into the new version), i had the following ideas:

    – for the moment, if i have an image in german and created an english translation of it, but want to delete the english version, i cannot do it seperately. if i click on “delete permanently”, the english entry is removed, the german still appears, but the file on the server has been deleted, thus the german image is broken. To work better, the plugin could check, if there is any other language existing as well, and then just delete the database entry, but not the file. If it is the only language using the image, it can be also deleted on the server.

    – i would like to keep my homepage without any addition, when i use two different domains. like german.de and english.uk dont need german.de/de/ and english.uk/en/ or the permalink. So only for this setting: “The language is set from different domains” it would be nice to have, additionally to this option: “The front page url contains the language code instead of the page name or page id” also an option like “The front page url contains no addition”

    This is all, otherwise, a perfect plugin, superwell structured, has all it needs, but nothing more. i love it, you are a programmer with a feeling for beauty and the essence of things. are you also working as freelancer on payment per hour base?

    Best wishes from germany

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