WordPress 4.1 and Polylang 1.6.2

WordPress 4.1 is planned to be released in two days. Some users are worrying that changes in the way WordPress will manage taxonomies (mainly to avoid shared terms between taxonomies) may affect Polylang. So far and although I did not add any specific code to Polylang, all my tests passed successfully with the WordPress development version.

Nevertheless, I went on improving the stability of Polylang and this new version comes with several bugfixes.

Among these, I reworked a function of the WPML compatibility mode as it was not close enough to the original function. This should improve the compatibility with themes and plugins using the WPML API (especially the theme Avada).


6 thoughts on “WordPress 4.1 and Polylang 1.6.2

  1. mkipfelsberger


    i had the notorious 404-problem with postname – permalinks just now, when updating to WordPress 4.1. Deactivating polylang (and then reactivating it again) fixed it. I run the standard the twenty thirteen with customizations in a child template and a bunch of plugins.

    1. Frédéric Post author


      I did not experienced such issue with Polylang myself. So maybe it’s coming from another plugin (possibly conflicting with Polylang). The reason why deactivating / reactivating Polylang has solved your problem is because Polylang has to flush rewrite rules when it is activated or de-activated.

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