Polylang 1.7 beta

Polylang 1.7 will not introduce a lot of new features but will focus on fixing several old glitches. These were generally quite minor issues, but hopefully solving them will improve the user experience.

I want to make Polylang working out of the box in most cases and avoid conflicts with themes and other plugins as much as possible. As part of this policy, setting the language from the content will be no more the default option. This will be made possible thanks to the new possibility to set the language code from the url when using default permalinks.

I am always looking for ways to improve the performance. Thus, the default flags supplied by Polylang will be base64 encoded, then removing one http request per language on websites using flags.

The code is regularly cleaned. Polylang 1.7 will require WordPress 3.8 or older.

You can download Polylang 1.7 beta and report bugs on the support forum.


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