Polylang 1.7.8

Three days ago, I released Polylang 1.7.7. I am sorry for the inconvenience I introduced for users running PHP older than 5.4. Polylang 1.7.8 released less than 24 hours later fixed the issue.

Polylang is now available in 40 languages thanks to uskro who provided the Romanian translation and Eiko Toda who provided the Japanese translation. I also would like to thank fxbenard who improved the French translation.

Polylang 1.7.6 stopped flushing rewrite rules at network activation due to an annoying bug in previous versions. Thanks to comments of RavanH in my previous post, I believe that the bug is properly fixed now.

This version also fixes a conflict with WP Super Cache preloading, thanks to ecdltf who reported the conflict and proposed an easy fix, and another conflict with the plugin leadin.

I also tracked changes in the Customizer and fixed a bug in Customizer menus locations introduced by the release of WordPress 4.1. I am sorry for the inconvenience but constant changes in the Customizer make things a bit hard to follow. WordPress 4.3 will introduce Customizer menus which I aim to support. Part of the job has been done by the WordPress core as we got some filters for Polylang to support this new feature. But there is still a lot of work to do to reach that goal.

In the preparation of WordPress 4.3, Polylang does already support formal translations. For example German users can now choose to use the locale ‘de_DE_formal’ instead of ‘de_DE’.


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