Polylang 1.7.10

Here comes a new maintenance release of Polylang and first of all, I would like to thank Cédric Valmary for a brand new translation in Occitan.

Several bugs or conflicts (with Lingotek translation, Jetpack infinite scroll, Yoast SEO and the theme Ambition) were fixed. But the most important change concerns navigation menus. For a while, Polylang conflicts with themes which incorrectly use wp_nav_menu. Hopefully I have found a workaround to detect these themes and fix the issue for most of them.

WordPress 4.3 also introduces several new languages packs. The corresponding languages are thus introduced in the predefined languages list.

4 thoughts on “Polylang 1.7.10

  1. RavanH

    Hi Frédéric, hope you are doing well 🙂 Thanks again for great work!

    It’s funny. I came here after conluding there was something going wrong with the menus after this Polylang upgrade and it turns out that is exactly what is being addressed. Only problem is: this is on an older site with Twenty Eleven child theme. Menu location is not touched, only the default headers are replaced and a footer credit is added in functions.php.

    Still, I noticed a while ago that even though the menus on the front end worked well, in the admin they appeared to be strangely mixed up in their language attribution. If I remember correctly, all looked like they had been assigned to all languages at the same time… And somehow it was not easily fixed either.I could not reassign languages to them without weird effects like changing one menu’s language caused another menu to change too. I had to clear all these attributions before it was solved. Still, it worked fine on the front end so I did not think about it any further.

    Now this recent upgrade had the reverse effect: the front end menu languages where mixed up while on the back end, all appeared fine. Had to do a similar dance of clearing the language attributions and setting them again to fix it.

    Can’t accuse Twenty Eleven of doing wp_nav_menu wrong… Is there something else that can interfere with menu language attributions except a Polylang upgrade? Note that this is Polylang running on a Multisite installation. Not network activated, only active on a few sites on the network, but still that means the upgrade happens on the network admin of the main site. Could that cause trouble for sub-sites missing an upgrade routine ?

  2. Frédéric Post author

    Hi Rolf!

    Of course Twenty Eleven correctly uses wp_nav_menu correctly 🙂 Thus I have no idea of what could occur (except a conflict with another plugin as for example a conflict with Max Mega Menus was recently reported).

    I did not change anything in DB for nav menus for almost 2 years. And here only themes which hardcoded the ‘menu’ argument or lacks the ‘theme_location’ argument should be affected.

  3. Guitch

    Hi Frédéric,

    Does the plugin work for a wordpress blog & a woocommerce shop on the same template ?

    Let me know,

    Thanks in advance and many thanks for the great job you done for this amazing plugin 🙂

    1. Frédéric Post author

      Out of the box, Polylang is not sufficient to work comfortably with WooCommerce. It’s not that things break but you won’t be able to translate everything. There are already some third party plugins available to glue both plugins. And I am currently working on a new one.

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