Translating Polylang

Polylang is not available in your language? You noticed a typo or an incomplete translation? You can help!

For about two months, Polylang is available on Translating WordPress. Everybody with a account can translate the plugin. If you don’t have an account, registering won’t take you more than one minute.

One, two or more strings. It’s very easy. If sometimes you encounter strange codes such as %s, %1$s, just keep them as they are in the original string.

Once a translation editor has validated your translation, it will become available to the community for download. Once a translation reaches 100%, it is automatically downloaded and updated to all Polylang users using this language, just as it is the case for WordPress core since the version 4.0.

Translations are generally validated by global WordPress editors. But with WordPress, 2000 plugins already available for translation and even more themes, that’s a lot of work! It is thus possible to be a translation editor for only one plugin. Polylang has already 13 translation editors:

Without forgetting global editors:

for those I am aware of. Thanks to them!

If you want to become a translation editor, just leave a comment (precising your username).