Polylang 1.8 beta 2

I just uploaded a new development version of Polylang (1.8 beta 2). It fixes a few bugs, two of them being reported on the support forum:

  • Non alphanumeric characters query vars values lead to an infinite redirection loop on the static front page
  • The user profile is not saved for a language when the language code contains a “-“

It also fixes a conflict with the plugin Duplicate Post as translations were duplicated when they should not.

I also started removing po/mo files for translations being available as languages packs from the Translate WordPress project. This will allow automatic updates for these translations (once Polylang 1.8 will be released). At the time I write these lines, 9 languages packs are already available thanks to Polylang translations editors and global editors who did a fantastic job:

  • Albanian thanks to Besnik, global editor
  • Italian thanks to Luca Barbetti, Polylang translation editor
  • Japanese thanks to Eiko Toda, Polylang translation editor
  • French thanks to fxbenard, global editor
  • Galician thanks to the global editor
  • Portuguese, thanks to the global editor
  • Romanian thanks to Philippe C. Focsaneanu, Polylang translation editor
  • Slovak thanks to Maros Kucera, Polylang translation editor
  • Swedish thanks to Jon Täng, Polylang translation editor

Contributing a translation is very easy. Please visit the Translate WordPress website. If you want to join the team of translation editors for Polylang, just leave a comment below.