If you wonder how you can help Polylang, here are some ideas. As you will read, there is no need to be a PHP developper!

Help other users of Polylang

The support forum is here so that users of the plugin can get help when they need it. However, I will not always be available to answer questions. You don’t need to be a developer to help out. Very often similar questions have been answered in the past.

Report bugs

Don’t hesitate to report bugs on the support forum.

Test new versions

You can subscribe to the blog that I use to announce development versions and then, test the new versions and report bugs before the final release. It helps a lot!

Translate the admin interface

Polylang is already available in 42 languages. It’s very easy to add a new one or to improve the current translations! Choose your language and start translating (keeping strange codes such as %s, %1$s as is). The translation editor for your language will then take some time to validate your translation. There are already some translation editors for Polylang. But every volunteers are welcome.


If you like Polylang, you can spread the word… Rating the plugin is very easy, you can write some words about the plugin, make a link to the plugin page…

What else ?

Every suggestions are welcome.