Strings translation

Polylang allows translating user defined strings such as site title, tagline, and widget titles. Here you can also choose a different date format and time format per language. Plugins or themes may add other strings to this list.

  • Group: Strings are grouped for sorting convenience
  • Name: A unique name provided for sorting convenience
  • String: the string to translate. For, example the site title is displayed how it was entered in the “General settings” panel
  • Translations: Here you can translate the string in all defined languages.

Don’t forget to click on the ‘save changes’ button.

Your theme or your plugins can register the strings to translate in two ways. When registered in the native way (or with a wpml-config.xml file), the strings are automatically removed from the table when the plugin or the theme is deactivated.

Polylang also offers a WPML compatibility mode which allows themes and plugins to register the strings to translate the same way they do with WPML. In that case, the strings are not removed from the table when the plugin or the theme is deactivated. In that case, it is however possible to manually remove these strings from the table (by selecting the them and using the delete bulk action of the table).

In any cases all translated strings are kept in database. That means that if you deactivate and then reactivate a plugin, the corresponding translations won’t be lost. However, the checkbox below the table allows you to clean the database of all unused strings.