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Polylang 1.8.1

Polylang 1.8.1 is a maintenance release. The main goal is to fix a regression introduced in version 1.8 concerning secondary queries with translatable post types and non translatable taxonomies. It also fixes a few other minor bugs that I noticed while testing during the last week.

Facebook and WordPress introduced a lot of new locales during the past year. I updated accordingly the mapping between these locales used for Opengraph support when Polylang is used in conjunction with Yoast SEO or Jetpack.

Three new translations have been moved to languages packs (ca, de_DE and pt_BR). And a brand new translation was created (es_CL). Today, already 16 languages packs are available for Polylang. 27 older translations are still supplied with the plugin. Thanks a lot to the translators and translation editors for their work.


Polylang 1.8

After almost two months of beta tests, Polylang 1.8 has just been released.

As described in an earlier post, the most visible changes are in the plugin settings pages which have been totally revamped.

You are now able to choose your own flags for the languages, directly from the admin screen when adding or editing a language. The default language is now identified in the languages list table and can be modified directly in the table.

Since the last update, six new WordPress languages packs (ary, bn_BD, en_ZA, es_AR, fr_BE, fr_CA) have been created. These languages found their place in the predefined list.

The settings are now arranged in modules. One late change not earlier described is a new option to allow Polylang data not to be deleted when the plugin is uninstalled. If you want to delete all Polylang data when using the red “Delete” link in the plugins list table, you now have to check this option in the Tools module of Polylang settings. This option is unchecked by default.

The hreflang html tag now contains the locale instead of the ISO-639-1 language code. This will allow users having several variants of the same ISO-639-1 language to have valid W3C locales in the hreflang tags. Polylang also works around an issue in WordPress for non W3C valid locales (ex: de_DE_formal).

I also worked on the compatibility with Jetpack Related Posts, Duplicate Post, and worked around a bug in Nextgen Gallery preventing both plugins to work together.

Other less visible improvements and bug fixes are described in the changelog. Developpers having a plugin or a theme interacting directly with the PLL_Model class instead of the Polylang API should read the post dedicated to internal changes.

Last but not least, twelve translations are now taking profit of the plugins languages packs (automatically updated by the built in functionnality of WordPress): Albanian, Danish, Duch, French, Greek, Galician, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak and Swedish. Thanks a lot to the translators and translations editors!

Polylang 1.7.10

Here comes a new maintenance release of Polylang and first of all, I would like to thank Cédric Valmary for a brand new translation in Occitan.

Several bugs or conflicts (with Lingotek translation, Jetpack infinite scroll, Yoast SEO and the theme Ambition) were fixed. But the most important change concerns navigation menus. For a while, Polylang conflicts with themes which incorrectly use wp_nav_menu. Hopefully I have found a workaround to detect these themes and fix the issue for most of them.

WordPress 4.3 also introduces several new languages packs. The corresponding languages are thus introduced in the predefined languages list.

Polylang 1.6

Although maybe not the most visible new feature, WordPress 4.0 introduced a new way to manage WordPress translations files. Polylang 1.6 takes profit of this new feature and makes it compatible with multilingual websites, thus allowing managing WordPress translations in a much clever way than it was with previous versions. This works also for default Twenty themes and a few plugins (Akismet, WordPress Importer, BuddyPress…), managed by the WordPress translation project. All these translations can now be updated from the updates panel in the WordPress dashboard.

Polylang 1.6 also introduces a few other features such as the possibility to translate a text widget in the strings translations panel (up to now you needed to use one widget per language), and the support of opengraph language and translations metadata for websites running Jetpack or WordPress SEO.

To avoid a common mistake, Polylang will now force users to choose a static front page translated in all languages.

Some US users complained about my choice to associate the British flag to English (en_US). With the introduction of a new WordPress English (en_GB) language pack, I decided to change this. This means that from now, the British flag is associated to en_GB and the US flag is associated to en_US. Old users who kept the default flag for en_US will thus see the flag associated to the English language change when updating to Polylang 1.6. There are 2 different ways to come back to the British flag:

1. Edit the English language and change the locale from en_US to en_GB. This will also impact the html ‘lang’ markup and the WordPress en_GB translation will be used.

2. Create a polylang directory in wp-content. Copy the British flag wp-content/plugins/polylang/flags/en_GB.png to wp-content/polylang/en_US.png. This will impact only the flag on frontend, not on backend side.

Another important change concerns the Belarussian language, for which the default locale was changed from be_BY to bel to follow the WordPress locale.

Finally, I would like to thank all translators who updated Polylang translations with special thanks to Bajro who provided a brand new Croatian translation.

Polylang 1.5.4

I am glad to announce the availability of Polylang 1.5.4. I continue to improve the API for a better interaction with themes and third party plugins and this release comes with 3 new functions: pll_get_post_language, pll_get_term_language and pll_translate_string.

The compatibility with Jetpack 3 has been improved by adapting the WPML specific code included in jetpack to Polylang. A conflict with WordPress SEO has been solved.

A few users have been annoyed with too restrictive permissions. This should now be fixed. And a couple of other bugs have been fixed too.