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Polylang 1.4.5

Sometimes you fix a bug and by doing this, you create 3 others without noticing it. This is more or less what happened with Polylang 1.4.4. These bugs (which lead to unexpected redirections in some cases) were quickly fixed in the development version as soon as they were reported. And hopefully Polylang 1.4.5 will be more stable than the previous version. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Polylang 1.4.5 also fixes a bug appeared with WordPress 3.9 (uploaded media don’t get a language) that I did not notice while doing my tests with beta versions of WordPress.

I added compatibility with the Twenty Fourteen Ephemera widget which has been modified in the version shipped with WordPress 3.9. Please make sure to have the latest Twenty Fourteen translations. If you get untranslated strings in this widget on frontend,  check the theme translations with a plugin like Codestyling localization. The next major version will drop the compatibility with the Twenty Fourteen Ephemera widget shipped with WordPress 3.8.

Finally, I also fixed a notice displayed by WordPress SEO when Polylang is combined with WordPress SEO 1.5+. It’s likely that starting from the next major version, I will support only WordPress SEO 1.5+.


Polylang 1.1.2

Polylang 1.1.2 is a maintenance release which focuses on compatibility improvement with some plugins (Types, The Events Calendar and again… WordPress SEO). I also made some changes to improve the performance and the html validation (though still not perfect).

There are also some slight improvements for users creating (hierarchical) posts and terms outside the standard admin interface.

A new argument ‘raw’ was added to the function pll_the_languages to ease the work of people who want to build their own language switcher. I also added a new filter pll_translation_url to allow plugins to modify the translation url. And as usual, a few bugs were corrected.

Polylang 1.1

After about 3 weeks of beta tests, Polylang 1.1 has just been released.

Old users will notice that the menus tab in Polylang settings has totally disappeared. All the multilingual menus management is now fully integrated in the WordPress interface under Appearance->Menus. Polylang multiplies the number of menu locations of your theme by the number of languages, to easily assign a menu to a theme location and a language at the same time. Moreover, the language switcher is now a menu item that you can use as any other menu item. It means that it can be placed anywhere you want, and can even be used in a submenu… The same options as before have been kept. All these seemlessly integrate in the new menu interface of WordPress 3.6 as well as in older versions.

Another change concerns the strings translations table. All translations are now assigned a group and users can filter the strings by group. Thus, it should be easier to find new strings to translate. It is also now possible to delete the strings registered in WPML compatibility mode.

Although less visible, numerous changes have been made to improve the compatibility with themes and other plugins. For example, some themes query a specific category for a specific usage (such as a slider). Polylang is now able to automatically query the translation of this specific category when it exists (It was sometime necessary to modify the theme to make it work with Polylang before this).

Again the compatibility with WordPress SEO has been improved (you must use pretty permalinks and add the language code to all urls to make both plugins work together in a correct way).

Thanks to all people who tested the development version and reported bugs before the final release. I will now go to modify the documentation to include the new features!

Polylang 1.0.3

Here is a new maintenance release, mainly to correct some bugs. But some functionalities were added too.

Two new translations are added. Catalan, contributed by Núria Martínez Berenguer, (which I announced for 1.0.2 but forgot to add) and Ukrainian contributed by cmd soft.

Again, the compatibility with WordPress SEO by Yoast was improved as the conflict for categories and tags sitemaps was fixed. I also added some improvements in the way Polylang supports the file wpml-config.xml. This mainly will improve the compatibility with plugins and themes which already support the multilingual plugin WPML. But it is also now possible for all users to create their own wpml-config.xml (to be stored in the wp-content/polylang/ directory).